Spring 2024

Once again, lots of different zip codes were visited this spring.

it was shocking to visit Talladaga only to find the area around talladega is extremely rural, and, the city itself is 16,000 people. Proportionately, Talladaga punches wayyyyyyy above its weight culturally considering its status in the country music scene. It was odd driving around Talladega National Forest and being inundated with forest fire smoke, very black hills-esque, and, another reason why east central / east-north-central Alabama reminds me so much of the black hills.

I think I finally found my peach pie filling recipe I’ve been searching for the last eight years with some hints from a random woman selling home made hand pies in the rural Talladaga National Forest.
Otherwise, it was fun travel out and about in the Midwest especially considering how warm and beautiful the spring has been.

I’ve spent a lot of time in South Dakota including Sioux Falls. It’s been neat to explore a new part of the state even though it’s quite ugly.

Enjoy the photos, enjoy the spring!!

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