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Seattle 2015

We had a fantastic visit to Seattle to catch up with some friends we hadn’t seen in some time. We’ve been to the Pacific Northwest a handful of times and always enjoyed it – it’s a fantastic combination of great things to see, great things to do, and delicious food from all over the world. We’ve traveled a lot of places and there’s just nothing really like the PNW. I love hiking and after hiking on six different continents in many different countries, I think I would only go to the PNW for hiking if I had a choice – which I do since no one is telling me where to hike :).

This was pretty much the end of fall for us. We were lucky and saw fall was still very much in swing around Seattle so we had a few more days of beautiful fall colors! This is probably a record for us: we started fall in SoDak in mid-September and finished up mid-November in Seattle. It’s been great to enjoy the fall colors in the midwest (SoDak, Minnesota), the mountains (Colorado), the east coast (Washington D.C.), and the PNW (Seattle). Fall is easily my favorite season so I feel lucky to have had such a long fall!

In the past, we always had fantastic weather and considered the PNW a place we could live to avoid the ridiculous Minnesota winter but we kind of struck out on weather this trip and it’s no longer on our list of places to move to. That said, we enjoyed fantastic company and the PNW will always be a place for us to visit :).

Enjoy the photos!

Chris W.

West is Best 2010

We took a road trip from Minnesota to the west coast. We stopped at quite few national parks along the way and really enjoyed our time. We put a crapload of miles on the Taurus.

It was this trip that convinced us to go back to the North Cascades. A harp player in Winthrop named Jim gave us great hike suggestion (Maple Pass).

We spent a lot of time in Washington state too, what a beautiful state!