Monthly Archives: October 2023

Late Summer / Fall 2023

What a spectacular late summer and fall. We’ve had quite a bit of heat, some of our flowers started to bloom again, but the fall extended into November and it’s been pleasant.

This year, the wind did not rip off the fall leaves immediately too! I think, for the 20 years I’ve been in Minnesota, this is the best fall so far.

Probably the craziest thing was that we ended up going to the Minneapolis “River Rats” which is a very large group of individuals who do trick water skiing. It was wild to see. The River Rats have been doing their thing for a very long time and this was the first year we went to it – it was so fun to watch and everyone loved it.

Otherwise, we’re super appreciative of global climate change and the great weather we’ve been having here in Minnesota!

Driftless 2023

We were fortunate to have another great visit to the driftless. We spent our time in the LaCrosse area this year and were stunned by the shear number of amazing things to do in the area.

We were extremely lucky to stumble across some wonderful Amish stuff. We ended up buying 40lbs of Honeycrisp apples for $16 and purchased a huge amount of wonderful baked items like pumpkin pies and donuts. The Amish stole the show and we were super lucky.

Someone asked me, “what will you do with 40lbs of apples?”. It turns out five apple pies, two apple crisps, a large strudel, two apple breads, and a set of apple muffins only takes about 30lbs of apples. This has been a fun and delicious problem to solve!

The hiking was a lot of fun too. Wildcat Mountain State Park, Indian Mounds Effigy National Monument, and river hikes, and, other wonderful areas were just beautiful. The weather and great and there weren’t many people about – our time in nature was well spent and the hikes were a lot of fun for all three of us.

We look forward to going back next year. Next year we’ll be prepared with cooler and other items to make sure we can bring home all the wonderful Amish stuff – like meats, eggs, dairy, and, everything else :).