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Fall 2017

Fall is here and the leaves are actually turning – it seems really late this year but I’m not really complaining.

We’ve had odd weather this fall so we’ve ended up having the best fall colors I can ever remember seeing in Minnesota. Normally, the winter shows up a bit early and the strong winds rip the leaves off the trees in a hurry but this year has been really tame.

We ran up to Banning State Park for the first time ever and were pleasantly surprised on the colors. Surprisingly, there weren’t too many people around so we had a great time in solitude.

I also included a handful of other fall related photos – like cookies, our fall flowers, and campfires. I would certainly like fall if all falls were like this in Minnesota!

Enjoy the photos!

Colorado 2017

It’s become a tradition to visit Colorado over Labor Day and go hiking with my brother. We returned to the same area as last year and hiked a loop of lakes on the Glacier Gorge Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park.

One new habit Jac and I started is bringing something sweet on the trail to eat at the turnaround point; there’s nothing tastier than a nice sweet treat while hiking and it’s fun to sit in nature while snacking on something very delicious. Most people bring things like trail mix, protein bars, fruit, and other stuff but Jac and I bring things like doughnuts. I’ve never understood why someone would settle for something like trail mix or protein bars when doughnuts are available!

So, I was telling my brother about our hiking habit and my brother suggested bringing Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Since we don’t have Krispy Kreme doughnuts in Minnesota I figured it was only prudent.

Like last time, we woke up super early and and headed out. On the way to the tailhead we stopped by a 24hr Krispy Kreme and somehow ended up with a dozen doughnuts for the two of us. We were able to reached the trailhead well before dawn and were able to witness an absolutely magnificent sunrise due to all the forest fire smoke; the sky was so hazy I was able to use my zoom lens to see sun spots!

The air quality in Denver from the forest fires was pretty bad, like India / China bad. The PM2.5 particulates were deeply in the ‘unhealthy’ territory. I think it’s probably the worst air pollution I’ve been in since the world trip – I don’t miss it!

All in all, it was a great visit, a fantastic hike, and a I had a blast. It’s kind of hard not to have a good time since Colorado is awesome.

Enjoy the photos!