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Albany’s Annual Tulip Festival! 2014

The New York area was originally colonized by the Dutch. Given that, there’s still a lot of Dutch things happening around the area. One of those things is the annual tulip festival in Washington Park. Many thousands of tulips of many different varieties along with lots of food and other entertainment. It was a fun time!

Enjoy the pictures.

Chris W.

Winter 2014

So March is here and supposedly winter will be ending. Lot’s of snow here in New York and it’s been cold in Chicago. The standard unit of snowfall in this area is around a foot; if I see a forecast for snow in Albany I figure we’re getting about a foot, probably more. It’s not windy so the snow simply accumulates and is really pretty.

I  picked up a 36MP full frame DSLR with a wide angle lens and have had a chance to put it thru some paces. Compared to my Canon point and shoot, the DSLR is amazing!

I had a chance to see some sights in Albany and Chicago over the last few weeks and the pictures are below. A few notes:

  • The NY Capitol building is one of the most beautiful building I’ve ever been in. The place has a whole lot of stonework complete with gold covered walls (not even joking).
  • Even from far up above in Corning Tower, Albany still looks like a dump.
  • Chicago is quite pretty in the evenings.
  • My Nikon D800 is amazing. I wish I was half as capable as the camera. The 20MBish photos are insane.

Enjoy the pictures.

Chris W.

Winter 2013 / 2014 & Travel

We have to travel to go see our family now that we’re in Albany, NY. I also have to travel quite a bit for my work since I work remotely in New York. The winters here in Albany are delightful compared to Minnesota. For example: the snow generally falls vertically from the sky and very gently. In Minnesota, the snow typically is moving horizontally at a very high speed. It doesn’t really get that cold either, generally around freezing. Unlike in Minnesota where it was -30F for awhile. With that said, it doesn’t prevent the folks here in Albany from complaining about the winter :).

So here’s some photos from the last month or so where we traveled back to Minnesota for the holiday & work, Chicago for work and Philadelphia / Pittsburgh for work. I really liked Pittsburgh; great skyline view, great food, great airport, super easy to get around.