Quebec City 2014

Our first visit to a foreign country was to Canada and our first city was Quebec City. We made a lot of mistakes – like forgetting to convert currency but we still did alright. We didn’t have any hard times crossing the borders between the US and Canada even though we had a fully packed car! The wait time into Canada was pretty long, about an hour, getting back into the US was a lot easier.

Overall, Quebec City and Quebec seemed a lot like the USA. There were similar brands and scenery but everyone spoke French and things were more expensive in Canada compared to the US. We stayed in Levis and took the ferry to Quebec City. Overall, that was a great idea because it was significantly cheaper for us and it was easy for us to arrive / leave the Quebec City area.

I really liked the citadel and the city walls. Of all the cities I’ve ever visited, it seems like Quebec City would be the most prepared for a zombie attack since the city walls are still there and they are in great shape.

The best part were the fireworks we saw – totally awesome! The fireworks lasted 25min and were set to music. Our gracious host was the one who informed us of the fireworks and brought us to the great location. In the summer, Quebec City has fireworks twice a week as part of an international competition. Who knew? I didn’t think to bring the Nikon so the

Enjoy the pictures!

Chris W.

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