Colorado Hiking 2018

This year’s hiking in Colorado was amazing.

My brother and I hiked to Black Lake in Rocky Mountain NP and even spent a bit of time hiking up past the lake. We had perfect weather and it was wonderful. This year, unlike all other years, I brought Jac along and we hiked to Emerald Lake in Rocky Mountain NP and Lake Isabella in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Both lakes had perfectly still weather and we had mirror reflections in the lake, we even caught some mountain flowers. It was incredible.

Like all other years, we woke up super early in Denver and reached the trailhead just before 6AM. Unlike other years, we were a bit surprised to see a handful of other people at the trailhead. Normally, we wake up so early and reach the trailhead so early we don’t really see anyone until we start our return. For whatever reason, there were a bunch of people on the trail this year. It wasn’t a problem though, once we started on our way we pretty much had the mountains to ourselves.

It was a wonderful time with my brother’s family and it was super fun to show Jac the mountains. 100% good time trip :).


Enjoy the photos!

Chris W.

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